Texas School District Police Chiefs' Association
Texas School District Police Chiefs' Association

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2021 Conference Registration at Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston 


Standard vendor- $700-$900- fee is $700 for one booth/ table with one vendor and $900 for one booth/Table with 2 people. (Inside vendor room)

SOLD OUT...IF YOUR COMPANY WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND WITHOUT A BOOTH, CALL GORDON@972-951-0159 OR email gsettle810@hotmail.com                                                             

Gold sponsor - $1500- (Booth in main hallway/ High traffic area).  Fee includes: one booth/ table with up to 4 people is $1500 and company name listed on conference banner placed at registration Additionally listed as gold sponsor on web site for the next year and company name listed on conference banner placed at registration.  

SOLD OUT....IF YOUR COMPANY WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND WITHOUT A BOOTH,  CALL GORDON @ 972-951-0159 OR email gsettle810@hotmail.com                                                   

Conference Sponsor – $2500- (Booth is located in Main hallway / exit of main classroom) Fee includes: one booth/ table with up to 4 people.  - Sponsors includes name as Conference Sponsor on Main banner and time allocated at beginning of conference to address all attendees - Money to be spent at Meet and greet after hours and sponsor to be at meet and greet to discuss product or service. 

SOLD OUT....IF YOUR COMPANY WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND WITHOUT A BOOTH, CALL GORDON @972-951-0159                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                    Vendors may attend conference without a booth.  COST: $375 for first person, $200 for second representative LIMIT 2

                                                                                               Call 972-951-0159 for invoicing and instructions on registration

                                                                                                        You may also email me at:  gsettle810@hotmail.com


Wi-Fi is available & free, see attached the form for the electrical.  The electrical cost is one charge for the whole conference, not per day.

Questions may be addressed to Gordon Settle @ 972-951-0159


Sponsorship Booths

                                                            Conference Sponsor Booths

Booth 15

Conference Sponsor

Peacemaker Technologies 

Booth 16

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by Navigate 360

Booth 17

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by Raptor Tech

Booth 18

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by CZ-USA

Booth 19

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by Panasonic

Booth 20

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by Battle Rifle

Booth 21

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by AXON

Booth 22

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by Kologik

                                                            Gold Sponsor Booths

Booth 1

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Southern Software

Booth 2

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Radius Security

Booth 3

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Maltech 

Fleet Services

Booth 4

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by GT Distributors

Booth 5

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Critical

 Response Group

Booth 6

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Primary Arms Government

Booth 7

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by PD Evidence

Booth 8

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by A.R.M.S.

Booth 9

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by 

Axis Communications

Booth 10

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by  BRW Architect

Booth 11

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Dana Safety Supply

Booth 12

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Stalker Radar

Booth 13

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by 

Washington National

Booth 14C

Conference Sponsor

Reserved by on Site Decals

Booth 14

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Blauer

Booth 14D

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by First Net

Booth 14A

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by ASAP Security

Booth 14B

Gold Sponsor

Reserved by Motorola Solutions

Frances Anne Moody Ballroom Floor Plan

Booth 23

Reserved by Got you Covered

Booth 24

Reserved by Point Blank

Booth 25

Reserved by AT & T 

First Net

Booth 26

Reserved by Detectachem

Booth 27

Reserved by Mobotrex

Booth 28

Reserved by Galls

Booth 29

Reserved by Elbeco

Booth 30

Reserved by Gulf Coast Busters

Booth 31

Reserved by Barney's 

Police Supplies

Booth 32

 Reserved by PTS Solutions

Booth 33

Reserved by Shooter Detection

Booth 34

Reserved by Ramco Rugged

Booth 35

Reserved by Cambridge Group

Booth 36

Reserved by Nardis Public Safety

Booth 37

Reserved by Eforce

Booth 38

Reserved by Enterpol Huber

and Associates

Booth 39

Reserved by Turn Key

Booth 40

Reserved by Blues 

Police Magazine

Booth 41

Reserved by Mobile Communications of America

Booth 42

Reserved by EO Tech

Booth 43

Reserved by Safety Vision

Booth 44

Reserved by Financial Cop

Booth 45

Reserved by Cap 

Fleet Upfitters

Booth 46

Reserved by ProForce 

Law Enforcement

Booth 47

Reserved by NA Rescue

Booth 48

GTS-Technology Solutions

and Verkada

Booth 49

Reserved by Key Warden

Booth 50

Reserved By Texas Police Chiefs / School Safety/TCOLE

Booth 51

Reserved by Silsbee Fleet

Booth 52

Reserved by Sound Off Signal

Booth 53

Reserved By Texas Municipal Police Association / Texas Friday

Booth 54

Reserved by Cardinal Tracking

Booth 55

Reserved by Laser Shot

Booth 56

Reserved by Electromedical Products International, Inc.

Booth 57

 Reserved by Federal Sign

Booth 58

Reserved by Central 

Square Technologies

Booth 59

Reserved by Flock Safety

Booth 60

Reserved by American 

Municipal Services

Booth 61

Reserved for Voice Products

Booth 62

Reserved by National Child Safety Council

Booth 63

Reserved by Streamlight /

United Shield

Booth 64

Reserved by Intralogics Solutions Inc. / School Safety Grant

Booth 65

Reserved by Impact America

Booth 66

Reserved by Sheriffs 

Association Texas Cooperative Purchasing Program

Booth 67

Reserved by Webb's Uniforms

Booth 68

Reserved by BSW Architects

Booth 69

Reserved by Case Emergency

Booth 70

Reserved by UL Solutions

Booth 71

Reserved by CIS

Booth 72

Reserved by Rave Mobile

Booth 73

Reserved by Tom's Pins